Thursday, February 28, 2013

the tight skirt

For a long time I was uncertain about the tight mini skirt and how it applies to my life. Hasn't it been popular for.. ever? The tight mini transcends trends (say that five times fast) and lands itself in the fashion hall of never-goes-out-of-style fame. Is the mini skirt timeless? Anyways, I never looked good in a tight mini until I accidentally stumbled upon the Pleasure Doing Business skirt. I say accidentally, but what I mean is that my friend ordered this skirt without realizing how heinously small this brand runs (she's got the most beautiful body of all time with full hips and all that, I love her and curse her). So, if you choose to buy I recommend you order up (unless you enjoy being suffocated by your clothing, but beauty is pain so no shame in the game).
Hands up, or Kate Moss gets it!
(Kate Moss is on my t-shirt, guys)

t-shirt by DXMPIECE, skirt is Pleasure Doing Business, boots by Giuseppe Zanotti

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