Thursday, May 23, 2013

BF Jeans

Lately I've been experiencing what some might call a "fashion dry spell" (basically I'm in desperate need of inspiration and summer school isn't cutting it). Fashion flop after fashion flop and feeling like a slug have left me in despair as I stare at my closet thinking, I have nothing to wear (which is totally not true, but let's be real, we all know the feeling).

This morning I decided I would experiment with my boyfriend jeans. I've literally worn these once during the past year of ownership. Why? Thanks to months of hard work at the gym performing deadlifts and squats til my freaking legs burned hot red (not joking, my skin gets red when I work out) and thanks to a tailbone related injury which halted said lifts, my pant size a year ago was larger than it is now (mainly my butt was a lot bigger than it is now). Now, my exploits at the gym involve a lot more running and upper body work, but lets not discuss proportions, it's depressing. Anyways, these pants are too big, but isn't that how bf jeans are supposed to fit? Am I supposed to call them "husband jeans" now that I'm married? We may never know.

t-shirt is way old, boyfriend jeans by CURRENT/ELLIOTT, red pumps by Giuseppe Zanotti

Also, I got a haircut. Summer short. No makeup. Just me.

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